Why Bleexy is Connect?

Smart app that connects your FBA inventory fast and in an easy way to sell on Jet, Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces. Just one click & setup scalable warehouse right now right away...

...many more benefits.

Selling on Jet?

It is now more easy & simplified, honestly try it once.

Single source inventory managment

Create Listings, Edit and Synchronize with just few clicks

Fulfillment orders & Returns

Fulfill your FBA orders and Returns

Powerfull & Smart analytics

Strategy is the prime factor in every business and Bleexy Connect gives you the freedom to strategize your data.

How it Works

Choose the plan that suits your business the most - plans that fit any budget!

Signup today for free - No hassle. You're precious, our team will take care of your account.

Highly scalable source of your inventory - Warehouse or FBA?

Link your Jet account & Go Live with just one click

Provide Jet and FBA API credentials - This system is smart as it will automatically setup a boiler plate.

Just one step to go - Ready with account and listings?

Ability to get all your FBA listing and send to Jet - Click on "Go Live" button. Woow wait wait.. Is it really the account live now? Yes, that's it! Enjoy listing on Jet, everything in one place.

We give you all you need

Ability to import your data in one go - magic begins in background just let it import your inventory. Notifiy once it is done.

Think of situation you slept at night and you find 10 or more items sold out which are not in stock. Don't worry, we give full automatic synchronization 24*7 speedy and error free.

Your sales volume, profit, stock available, percentage increase by weeks - overall health doctor of your store. It keeps you updated on what you're selling, what you're earning.

Upcoming Integrations..